Sunday, October 30, 2011

Change for a Quarter

This clip is from ROB ROY.
I find it brilliantly choreographed and acted.
It is a wonderful interplay of strategic positions.

Here's a question I always ask my students about it:
What was it that cost "Archie" (Tim Roth) his life?
What's the lesson there?

Feel free to offer your ideas on it.



  1. The correct answer is "The Script" - Sorry. Seriously the fight is a great study in character through action. Archie's great character flaw - his arrogance - is what does him in. His assumed superiority is built upon a foundation of denigrating and underestimating others. The thing is, folks like that usually have severely low self-esteem. William Hobbs, the choreographer (and my favorite fight master) is probably the best 'character through action' fight choreographer ever. Not everyone lives the same, not everyone dies the same.


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