Monday, October 6, 2014

Hero Homework # 5

A Point in Line

A hero acts at great personal cost or risk.

It may be the risk of death or grave bodily injury. It may be the risk of imprisonment. It may be the risk of embarrassment, ridicule or social ostracization. It may be a sacrifice of time or money. That all requires thinking of someone else’s life, welfare, or feelings before you think of your own.
That’s not to say you should be the world’s doormat, and become a martyr to everyone else’s least whim, and never to go after your own needs, goals or dreams.
What it does mean is that you’re prepared to set aside your own needs to help another.
It’s an acquired taste.
Let’s start to acquire it.

This week’s workout:
                                        Let someone else go first.

Whether it's the line at the grocery store or merging on the freeway, take a few minutes out of your day to allow someone else to go first. Being mindful of the needs of those around you and practicing selfless acts of kindness are both behaviors that define an everyday hero.

- aac

(adapted from the Heroic Imagination Project) 


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